Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Upper Form ?

Assalamualaikum and good evening to all readers. 
I'm officially a form-four-student now. As Hilmi's blog description,  'Edisi Tamat Menengah Rendah'. No more PMR. No more downstairs classroom. No more Sir Satha :'(. No more Tc Nisha, Ustzh Joanna, Ckg Masita, Tc Azrina and other lower forms teachers. Well it's not that bad actually. As time passes by, I'm sure that I'll get used to the new environment. But the upstairs classroom is kind of tiring because since I was in form 1 until form 3, my classroom is always at the downstairs. Haha but that's not a big deal. It's just every morning before I go to the assembly, I'll have to put my bag and my books upstairs first rather than putting it in front of the aspuri. But, the biggest changes ever is that I have to learn new tough subjects ; Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Add Math. I really hope that my brain is capable enough to absorb all the facts, terms, formulae, notes and information about the new subjects. As you all know, I've just ended my PMR so my brain is somehow like 'berkarat' lah jugak en. I'll do my best lah this year. I hope this year I'll improve myself to be a better person.

Now speaking about my class, my new class. 4 AMAL. For the first time ever, boys are more than girls. Maybe you already knew the reason. No need to bring up the matter again. Let bygone be bygones. :P , It has been 3 years (including this year) I'm one of those amalianzz. This year will absolutely different from the other years behind since girls can't conquer the class anymore. HAHA can you just imagine, last year, they're just 10 boys in the first class but then this year, it turns out to be 18. Never mind, but Hari is always there so sometimes you'll just have to bear the unpleasant condition whereby the class will be thrown into a state of chaos with the present of Hari :P But he is like the sunshine of our class. :P Always brightening the class although he's not that 'bright' XD. I think this year he'll not be as active as when we're in 3 Amal or 2 Amal because he sits at the back and the corner of the class so automatically it'll put him in a pensive mood. Poor him. I sit at the back of the class. In the middle position beside Aida and Dalilah. My dearly bestfriends XD (Besides my dormmates lah)

And about the jawatans ; kiosk, librarian, form, dorm, kelas and any extra work (slide or design2 ke), I'll do my job with full of responsibility (ecehh) ,  I'll sincerely do my job and not hoping anything in return but please, please appreciate my work. Appreciate me ok so that I'll not feel burdened while doing the work. such as the slideshow or handling the batch's matter. That's all I wanna say now. So long guys. May this year will be a blast.Best wishes from me :-D 


FairuzMahamod said...

goodluck dgn life form 4. It's not that tough actually. HEHEE. :D

Anonymous said...

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