Saturday, July 30, 2011


My life as a form three student is not too bad I guess. My friends have brightened my days as PMR gives me a lot of tenses. 

Last Wednesday I went to the National Library with Farah, Haziq, Dina, Meor, Haq, Zarul & Daus. I invited all the tgvians but there didn't come, including Shah :P. At the library, we discussed about History and called Cikgu Zaharah to ask whether Perjanjian Merdeka was the same as Perjanjian London or not. Cikgu told us to refer the Mighty Text Book haha. Then I went to Farah's house at Bandar Tun Razak. I stayed there with Athilah and we watched The Green Hornet. The movie was awesome and hilarious. The next day, my family and I went to SOGO to shop for new clothes for the upcoming Hari Raya. The prices were not too exorbitant. We didn't buy shoes there as the choices were apparently for old women (XD) and not sutaible with our tastes.

On Friday, I went to the KL Library with Aida and Faten. Fikri, Loqo and Amir also came there. We studied together  (ceh). We also met the form five students of our school. We didn't suprise to see them since our school was the only school that cuti. XD Aida, Faten and I had our luch at INSAF near to SOGO. We regretted of coming there as the fees were overpriced. Actually, we wanted to go to SOGO but that day was The Sogo Members Day. We were prohibited  from entering SOGO. haha so, with broken hearts, we searched for a restaurant since our stomachs were growling. We ate Nasi Kandar. Then, we walked back to the library. (Jauh lah jugak) Amir came after the friday prayers. Aida was shocked XD. HAHA. Then, Loqo came. This time, everyone was shocked. Loqo came alone form BANGI without bringing any cellphone. He brought his ipod only and know what, he listened to 2AM songs and Lupin-Kara while doing math exercises. I laughed at him. HAHA! Then, I finished the science module with Amir. Aida and Fikri was doing their essays at the 2nd level. 

Then, Amir went to Pertama Complex (shopping XD). After asar prayers, Loqo, Aida, Faten and I followed Amir to Pertama. Loqo was as hungry as a wolf HAHAHA! After walking for a while, we agreed to go to the Subway.  Amir and Loqo bought their food first, leaving the girls behind. Without any hesitation, Loqo ate his food "nyummy-ly".Then, we bought our food. Amir went home and waited for his sister at Kelana Jaya. Aida, Faten and I went to KL Central and my mom fetched us there. Loqo went home alone from Sogo to Bangi. Loqo said that he wanted to go out again because it was fun. HAHA. He wanted to study again at the KL Library. 


Sorry for the grammar mistakes. hahaha just for fun XD


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I've been waiting for your new post ;)

♥♥NeeraUglyRose♥♥ said...

nice blog :)

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A 28.
lots of merit words and well elaborated!
(bajet sir satha )